Fragrances and Flavours Association of India (FAFAI) is an apex body of 800 members in the field of Fragrances, Flavours, Aroma chemicals, Natural Oils and its ancillaries. The Association is instrumental in representing grievances of members to various government bodies.

In 1949, a humble beginning by few traders of Fragrances &Flavours industry, with a view of promoting unity and fraternity amongst traders and dealers grew into a national Association to incorporate manufacturers and dealers in Fragrance and Flavour industry, Aroma Chemicals, Natural Essential Oils as well as related allied fields.

It is an endeavor of FAFAI – to provide common platform for its members to meet, interact, forge relationship and exchange knowledge. We achieve this by the means of Trade Circulars and conducting various Workshops, Symposiums, Get-together all over India at regular intervals, organizing study trips, Educational programmes etc.

FAFAI has its house Journal titled “The FAFAI Journal” being published every quarter which carries research articles and recent developments in reference to the industry by eminent personalities and scientists from India and abroad. The Journal also covers the latest development at market place for the members in the industry. It is also the single and largest platform of advertising for our members to reach out to the right kind of customer base.

The Association maintains a technical library which is a treasure of wide range of technical books related to Fragrance and Flavour industry, chemistry and essential oils. The books are available for study and reference to our members. We also have a Data Bank Library in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The Association also conducts a biennial seminar across India, on various topics that are relevant to the Flavour, Fragrance and allied industries. The seminar attracts a huge participation from foreign companies as well. So far FAFAI has organized 23 biennial seminars in different parts of the country.

FAFAI has always been a guide and has taken appropriate steps in making India a powerful force in the international trade of Fragrances & Flavours and its raw materials.